Welcome to the official Intoxilyzer calibration results website of the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, which serves the fourth most populated county in the United States.

Our office is responsible for the prosecution of more than 35,000 felony criminal cases each year. Of the 35,000 cases, over 3200 are Adult felony DUI cases. In addition, over 2500 misdemeanor DUI cases are handled in the justice courts a year.

To facilitate the exchange of information necessary for DUI prosecutions, our office intends to make available the certified calibration documents of all machines used in Maricopa County since 1988.

The records on this site provide defendants and their attorneys with disclosure as required by Arizona Criminal Rule 15 and satisfy the State's duty to make records available to the defense. Should the defense require any calibration records that are not contained on this site, the prosecuting attorney should be contacted immediately.

You may browse for intoxilyzer machine calibration results from 1988 to the present.
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Now available. Computer On-Line Breath Records Archive (COBRA) Data

We have the raw Phoenix Police Department (PPD) and Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) COBRA data files. Browse the COBRA Data Files

Calibration records database

We have the raw Calibration Records comprehensive databases.
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How do breathalyzers (Intoxilyzers) work?
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